Monday, April 07, 2008

Oh What a Night and Vamp Bite...

Well I've had these sitting in my inventory FOREVER and figured what the hell...

Basically what you see is what you get...have one of those REALLY steamy nights? Show off your battle scars with these back scratches...

For all you Vamps out there, just a little token of love...trails of blood left by your vamp...

Both items are copy only and come on all three top layers, jacket, shirt and undershirt.


Daphne's Delights on SLX

SLUrl for Daphne's Delights

Phedra Silks Released

Handcrafted silks, lavish gold and rich silk are what Daphne's Delights silks are made of, made in 8 different colors and in 2 combo packs for additional savings these are sure to please your Master/Mistress.

Featuring a menu driven resizing script for easy modification to any shape or size avi. Just click the prim and your all set!

Visit Daphne's Delights on the Isle of Mirage.

SLURL to Daphne's Delights

All silks are copy.
No Mod
No Trans

Daphne's Delights on SLX