Friday, February 18, 2011

Rovees unveiling a huge success!

From Matt:
"Between today's three events, we had well over 100 people who have now heard about Rovees, which is fantastic. I've been talking to a few other people who have done basically every breedable that has come out, and they've all told me that they're impressed and can't wait to get their hands on Rovees."

We've also had two bloggers already post to get the word out about Rovees. The reaction so far is VERY positive and I'm looking forward to many more happy people once we start beta and move forward to a public release.

Just to share a few comments...

From Aywren at My Second Life (with Pets)

"What if I told you that you could have a 100% free breedable pet with no worries about prim cost? No worries about script numbers or sim lag. No worries about a pet starving or falling ill. No more lost pets on rez due to Second Life eating them. No more pets taking up inventory space.

You’d probably wonder if I hit my head really hard. But I’d proclaim it’s true — it’s the marvels that I saw at the Rovee Q&A session this afternoon!

I’ll admit that I’m not a mecha or robot fan (though I know plenty of folks are). So when I first saw the Rovee, I thought it was a great change of pace from traditional animal pets, but not something that fit me well. It was curiosity that sent me to the newly remodeled Petable sim today and I’m glad that I went! There were a lot of absolutely astounding technical concepts revealed today that might just change a number of aspects of Second Life breedable development for the future. Actually, I’m hoping they will."

From Ahlanna at The Hidden Pets

"We’ve attended the introduction to the Rovee, R.obotic O.utgoing V.aried E.lectrical E.ntities, a new breedable pet coming soon from Petable. Rovee will produce E.G.G.s – E.lectronic G.rowth G.adgets in a manner unlike anything ever seen before in the game.

Rovee should stand for Revolutionary Outgoing Varied Electrication Entities, as they are paving a new way that a developer can deliver, distribute, maintain and provide services to their breedable pet customers."

An amazing start to a revolutionary step in Second Life that will make the "Breedable Pet" experience far more enjoyable than others in the past!

Keep yourself up to date by visiting our Blog for ROVEES or find me in world for more info!


Thursday, February 17, 2011


Attention Second Life friends...There is a new "pet" coming to SL brought to you by Petable (you know...the ones that brought you those AMAZING Turtles) definitely want to check this out!!

Visit: for more details!