Friday, April 27, 2007

Family in need of a little love...

Sorry I have not been around much, I had a death in the family and other RL things going on. I came across this email from a friend and I believe that I can count on the support of my SL friends to help this family achieve their goals!

(in options just mention that you are a friend of Lori)

I'm not sure if you all know of that Extreme Makeover Home Edition show.

But there's a family in CT with two girls who have deteriorating muscle illnesses. They live in an old colonial, but in the early 1900s and my friend John, the sports editor of the paper, is trying to get them on the show. They need 30,000 signatures and we have nearly 2400. Its easy, just sign it then forward it along to some other people.

Thanks everyone.

Lori (aka Daphne Molinari)

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