Monday, February 18, 2008


I was looking through Fashion Planet today and came across a new contest and thought oh cool, I'm just getting back into designing let me check this out. So I go look. I see a very well laid out web page(though someone has neglected the spell check feature), I see they have a club, a mall with a few designer friends of mine and think ok whats the contest about.

Experience in designing SL Content recommended.

What to do to win 100.000 L$?

* 1. We expect you to create the SL clothing suiting the picture shown below.
Top: Front as show in the picture, back is your choice
Skirt: Prim based flexible
Purse: Prim based high detailled
* 2. Colours: First complete set suiting the picture, Second set in a different colour of your choice.
* 3. We expect you to create a second SL clothing on your draft.
* 4. Send the Creations with full perm to "Maike Hoorenbeek"
* 5. Due date is the 31st march 2008.
* 6. A jury of well-known SL-Designers and the management of Saphir will debatte and vote for the best design and award the first price. We will publish the Result in all well known Second Life Media and in the Web.

As you see I have made bold #4, Send my designs FULL PERM??? Are you insane? With all the content theft out there you'd be crazy to send ANYTHING out full perms these days. 100kL is not worth it. And not only is it 1, but they want 2 designs, one in the original color and one in a color of your choice.

Designers, maybe this is someone new in SL or maybe not, but I just wanted to bring this to your attention. Beware of anyone that wants full rights to your designs, what you could make on your own for the life span of the item in your shop will generate 100K L or more over time. Think of how many people may enter this and this person could very well make your creation part of a business in a box down the road.

Link to the contest page...



Shir Dryke said...

I agree completely. Perhaps they didn't mean harm with it but seriously, for me seeing that they want full perm is red alert.
Just in case I would recommend not doing this. Not only will you put your work in danger, you will put your name in danger as well because you never know what people can do with an item that has you as a creator.
So yes, 100k isn't worth the risk.
And people who throw contests might want to look into what is ethical to ask. That's where we have gotten with content theft.

Stephanie Misfit said...

This is just utterly ridiculous. There is absolutely no reason they would need every contestant to provide their entry with full perms in order to be able to select a winner. Smells like a scam.